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2022 Ludlow Art Award


The Ludlow Art Award is managed by the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group Inc, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2018 to help restore the Ludlow tuart forest and timber settlement in the south west of Western Australia.

The winner of this invitational art award will be chosen by popular choice at our organisations `Spring in the Forest` event on Sunday 9 October 2022.

In coming years, we hope to attract corporate sponsorship for an annual Ludlow Art Prize. Please support our efforts and become one of our founding artists.

Terms and conditions


  • By invitation only.

Key dates

  • Entry form to be submitted by 30 September 2022
  • Drop off date: Saturday 8 October 2022 (9.00am - 12 noon)
  • Collection date: Sunday 9 October 2022 (5.00pm - 6.00pm)


  • One off payment of $10 for a maximum of two art works

Sale of work

  • All payments to be made direct to the artist. No commission will be charged by the Ludlow Gallery.

The work

  • To be a painting
  • May be painted in any medium (eg oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media).

Preparing the work for delivery

  • Must be clearly marked on the back with the artist’s name and address and the title of the work.
  • All work to have a hanging fixture.

Delivery of the work(s)

  • The delivery address is 21 Ludlow Road North, LUDLOW, Western Australia
  • Delivery must be made in person, by a nominated representative (such as a friend, relative or artist’s agent) or by a courier/freight company.
  • We recommend each artist maintains their own insurance for packing and transit to and from the Ludlow Gallery. Whilst the works are in the care, custody or control of the Ludlow Gallery, we will provide insurance cover to a maximum of the proposed selling price. Cover will commence upon receipt of delivery at the Ludlow Gallery until such time as the work is collected.

Exhibiting the work

  • The artist grants the Ludlow Gallery permission to display the work in an exhibition of invited artists at the Ludlow Gallery during the Spring in the Forest event.

Original and non-infringing work

  • The artist warrants that the work is their original work and does not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party.

Licensing the work

  • If the artist receives the popular award, the artist grants the Ludlow Gallery, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual licence to reproduce (including photograph) the work in material form, publish and communicate the work to the public for the following purposes, and anything incidental to such purposes: marketing, publicity, educational, publication (for sale or otherwise) and archival uses of the Ludlow Gallery in relation to the award and its exhibition in all media, including electronic/digital, broadcasting and print media.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility, not the Ludlow Gallery, to advise any purchaser of the work, or rights in the work, of these licensed rights.

Selection of the works

  • The Ludlow Art Award will be selected by popular choice of the public visiting the Spring in the Forest event on Sunday 9 October 2022.
  • The award winner will be announced at the event, to the media and published on the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group website and facebook page.
  • The awardee will be asked to provide additional information (such as biographical details and a statement about the work) to assist with preparation of media material.

Collecting the work

  • The collection address is 21 Ludlow Road North, LUDLOW, Western Australia
  • The artist is responsible for organising the collection of their work during the time period specified (see Key Dates above) and must indicate on the entry form how the work will be collected. These are the ONLY options available for the return of works.

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