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Ludlow Masterplan

In 1918, the WA Government passed the Forests ACT and established the No. 1 and No. 2 State forests at Ludlow. The first forestry school was established at Ludlow in 1921 by the then Conservator of Forests, Charles Lane-Poole. Now 100 years on, the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group is creating a forest education, research and tourist centre at the 50 hectare Ludlow forestry settlement. 

The Heritage Council listed mill and settlement buildings will undergo significant conservation restoration. The masterplan includes a tuart forest education centre, cafe, nature playground and nature trails, Indigenous tree arboretum and native plant nursery. The surrounding remnant forest will be rehabilitated with understory vegetation previously found on the site, restoring the biodiversity and providing fauna habitat.

The former school building will be repurposed as a community hall and the main workshop, a function centre for major events. The settlement cottages and gardens will be restored back to their authentic era of construction, providing tourist accommodation, together with new single quarters and a nature based campground.

We welcome feedback and any information including photographs you may have of this historic site.


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