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Bridge to Bridge revegetation project


The project site at the Ludlow settlement was once part of the old Moriarty farm which was cleared of almost all native vegetation in the mid to late 1800`s. Weeds presently dominate the understory however there are still small communities of native plant and canopy tree species.

The project was made possible by a grant funded under the Federal Government, Communities Environment Program (CEP) The scheduled completion date is 30/06/2021.


This project will restore approximately 2 hectares of degraded land adjacent to the Ludlow River between the Tuart Drive and Ludlow Road, North bridges by infill planting of native species endemic to the area and sourced from local nurseries. 

The improved land will help support and encourage the return and protection of birds and small marsupials such as bandicoots, ringtail and brush tail possums and enhance the natural biodiversity of this area.

Selection of local provenance plants

The following native species have been recorded along the Ludlow River near our planting site. The list will be used as the basis of our planting with final selection in late September 2020.

Thank you to the Geographe Community Landcare Nursery and the Leschenault Community Nursery for the propagation of native plants.


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