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Infrastructure Group

Committee members

Holger Topp (Chair), Peter Rutgers, Des Donnelly, Nick Hornibrook, Mark Kemp, Bill Biggins


General services
Bunbury Regional Prison
Busselton Mens Shed

Greg Ireland (Licensed Surveyor)
Rolf Muller & Team (Veris Consulting Surveyors)

Glen Holland (Sunwise Energy)
David Richards (L.E.A. Systems)
Rob Williams (MM Electrical, Busselton)

Town Planning
Currently negotiating but he's playing hard to get!

Strategic objective

The infrastructure group provides a safe and compliant landscape for the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group activities in the forest, mill and settlement.


The attached 2006 report by the Heritage Council - Register of heritage places - Assessment document describes the condition of each building in detail. Since that report, the infrastructure has deteriorated markedly.

Ludlow north water project

With a grant of $3,649 from the Shire of Capel the LTFRG was able to construct some much needed water infrastructure for Ludlow North. 

The work included:

  • Recommissioning the grit tank to improve water quality
  • Installation of a new water pipe to the adjacent eight (8) homes
  • Installation of two (2) water taps and two (2) fire fighting outlets at each of the homes
  • Recommission the fire truck filling point at the northern most point of the settlement
Before restoration
Before restoration

Typical outlet location
Typical outlet location

Testing maximum distance
Testing maximum distance

After restoration
After restoration

Testing the firefighting fitting
Testing the firefighting fitting


Thanks to grant funding by the Shire of Capel, Ludlow North now has reticulated water to each of the 8 homes located north of the Ludlow River.  

The grant has enabled LTFRG to provide fire fighting capability to protect the heritage listed assets located in Ludlow North.  

The LTFRG also acknowledge the water quality testing carried out by the Shire of Capel as a free service and the provision of considerable advice around meeting current and future health requirements in terms of water quality.

Other contributors
Picton Civil
Kindly donated the use of an excavator to carry out the trench digging

John Cross
For operating the excavator all day!

Peter Rutgers
Kindly donated the use of his front end loader tractor for numerous tasks. Peter also contributed heavily to the labour and design

Dunsborough Rewinds and Electrical Repairs
John Singleton kindly donated parts and time.

Section 95 parolees
Provided a mountain of labour and helped with all aspects of the project.

Mark Kemp
Put in lots of hours for both the design and construction phase. Mark is now operating the system on a daily basis.

I thank all those people who contributed so strongly to this project and especially to the Shire of Capel for making this project possible.

Holger Topp

Vehicle shed and storeroom replacement project

In 2019, the City of Busselton advised our grant application to provide funds to restore the roof of the vehicle shed (also referred to as the tractor shed) was successful. The funding, under the category `Community Enhancement` has enabled us to re-roof the building and install a 130,000 litre rain water tank to provide portable water for the Ludlow mill compound.

The installation of the roof and guttering, including connection to the rainwater tank was performed by the Bunbury Regional Prison team and supervised by LTFRG members, Peter Rutgers and Des Donnelly.

Thanks to Ian Walpole and Des Donnelly for the grant submission and of course the City of Busselton for their continuing support of our tuart forest projects.

The project is now complete and we are patiently waiting on the outcome of a further request for rain!

Vehicle shed water tank
Vehicle shed water tank


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