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Landscaping group


Landscaping volunteers meet from 8am (Wednesdays & Saturdays) during the summer months for a couple of hours work. Of course we complete the work with morning tea. All welcome. If you can attend, just drop in or send us a quick message using the contact form below.

Strategic objectives

  1. To revegetate the general Ludlow Settlement grounds and lease area with local provenance native plant species.
  2. To design and plant gardens around each of the settlement cottages sympathetic to their era of construction.
  3. The eradication of Arum lily within the Groups lease area.


The landscaping area was originally forest before the Moriarty family leased land from the State Government in the mid 1800`s and cleared it for farming activities. In the early 1900`s it was returned to the government and the Forests Department for the Ludlow Mill and settlement.  

While the area around the mill was used for some experimental planting, no revegetation of native plants has occurred since the initial clearing.

The gardens around the settlement cottages we generally exotic plants of the period and some of these are still present albeit unloved.

Current projects

Other projects

Plantrite project
Plantrite native nursery awarded us one of their Grown for Purpose in-kind grants for our revegetation project at the Ludlow settlement. Plantrite will supply $3,000 of native plants for winter 2020. The plants will be used by our Landscaping subcommittee to revegetate around the Ludlow River and along Ludlow North Road, adjacent to some of our settlement houses.

The plants have been ordered and will be delivered to site in May 2020.  In the meantime, the ground will be prepared for planting. 

Ludlow Nursery project
A small native plant nursery will be established at the Shade House building to support the various landscaping and forest understory plantings.

The Shade House (Building 2259, 1960`s)within the mill compound is a suitable site to commence the nursery operations. The building has a face brick base supporting a glazed metal frame structure to the upper walls and gable roof. A separate, outer metal frame will support shade cloth.

This project is in its infancy and we will need to recruit an experienced person to coordinate the nursery activities.

We need your skills, knowledge and experience

We are inviting members and the general public to become involved in the above projects. You will learn about regional native flora, meet like minded people and be part of conservation for future generations.

We are being assisted by well known local botanists. Sabrina Hahn, who is a member of our group, recently visited the site and has offered her expertise.
There are a variety of roles in which volunteers can be of assistance such as planning, planting, restoration and general gardening activities. 
You can register your interest in a volunteer capacity to assist the Landscaping Committee by completing the contact form below, phoning Evelyn on 0439 138 800 or just turn up on any Wednesday or Saturday from 8am onwards.

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