This webpage is being used to explore and discuss the individual commercial activities under consideration for the Ludlow forestry mill and settlement.

Ludlow Master Plan

The Ludlow Master Plan is our vision for the forestry mill and settlement. It will help guide the development of a feasibility plan.

Proposed commercial activities

The Ludlow forestry mill and settlement will be open to the public.

  • The Ludlow Forestry Experience admission fee will apply to the mill compound and the school teachers house.
  • There will be free admission to the nature playground and walk trails.
  • Tourist accommodation available includes the forestry houses, Warners cottage, cabins and the camp ground.
  • The boardroom and Tuart house will be available for meetings and conferences.
  • The mechanical workshop and immediate area will be available for events.

Ludlow forestry Experience

The forestry mill compound buildings will be restored back to their 1950/60`s condition to show an authentic forestry mill operation and an opportunity for visitors to understand the history of local forestry and the future of the tuart forest. This will include the following;

Operational sawmill
Planers shop woodworking experience
Storeroom interpretive centre
Forestry vehicle display
Saw doctor workshop
Native nursery

Adults $5.00
Concession $3
Child (aged 5-18) free
Family $12

Free entry is available for carers when a Companion Card is shown when purchasing tickets.

Manjimup Heritage Park

Community involvement

Along with our own members, the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group will engage other community, not for profit groups to operate or assist with aspects of the forestry mill and settlement.

Visitors centre (former District Office)

The former forestry Department District Office will once again play an important role at the mill and settlement. The refurbished building will be the first port of call for visitors to Ludlow and provide information, admission and accommodation bookings.

Administration staff will occupy the northern c1920 room. The central room will provide tourist information, while the southern room will be used as a board room for committee, stakeholder and supporter meetings.

The former Radio Room at the rear of the building will be restored to its original condition with the support of a local amateur radio club. The room will be open regularly to visitors and staffed by licensed radio operators. In addition, the Scout Association has an annual, worldwide event known as Jamboree Of The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree Of The Internet (JOTI) and therefore, the settlement could accommodate Scouts for JOTA/JOTI on the third weekend of October.

Bunbury Radio Club

Business conference facility

The Visitors Centre boardroom and Tuart House will be available for business and community meetings.

Catering will be provided by the Ludlow Cafe.

Price for both facilities
Business $360 day
Community $200 day
Registered charity $104 day

Catering - Ludlow Cafe menu

Busselton Community Resource Centre

Open grassed area

The new open grassed area fronting the sawmill is a recreational space for small outdoor events that may run concurrently with a Ludlow Market Day.

No cost unless the event organiser is charging a fee.

Sawmill building (655)

The sawmill will be restored to its c1950 specification with some automation and special effects to demonstrate saw milling c1950-1970. 

Sawmill Building (655)

Ludlow native plant nursery

The Ludlow Nursery will specialise in local endemic native plants. The nursery is a joint venture between Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group and Geographe Community Landcare Nursery.

Plants not available at Ludlow can be ordered for collection at the Geographe Community Landcare Nursery, 366 Queen Elizabeth Ave, Ambergate WA 6280(Busselton)

Plant price list

Shade House (2259)
Geographe Community Landcare Nursery

Sawtooth shed

The shed will be restored and available as an undercover venue for special events.

Percentage of event sales

Busselton Rotary Markets

Saw and blade sharpening

A Saw Doctors worksop will be available to the public for the sharpening of saws, axes, chisels, knives and other implements.

Price list


Vehicle shed and storeroom

The vehicle shed was used as undercover parking for various forestry vehicles, including Blitz trucks, a Bedford flat top truck and others. The shed will house example of these vehicles and be managed in association with the Veteran Car Club of Western Australia, Busselton Branch.

The club will assist with the procurement, restoration and maintenance of vehicles to be displayed along with additional vehicles during Ludlow events.

The sign store at the northern end of the buildings will be restored, stone grinding wheel relocated back to its original location and used for the saw doctors workshop.

Included in the general admission fee

Vehicle Shed and Storeroom (986)

Workshop-Garage (654)

This building can be dry hired for events such as weddings, dinners and other events. 

Workshop-Garage (654)

Stores (2278) and Moriarty stables building

The Stores and stables buildings will present the history of forestry in the Ludlow area using a variety of display techniques.

The front room on the eastern side of the building was formally the Storeman`s office. The room will be restored and furnished as it was in the 1950/60`s and used as a local administration office. 

Included in general admission fee

Stores (2278 and 2279)

Timber research

Studies began on suitable species with the majority of the original establishment and identification centred at Ludlow, where 23 species from  around the world were planted in previously cleared tuart land. Of the species trialled, Pinus radiata and Pinus pinaster were selected as most suitable trees for timber production. Both species now form the basis of our softwood plantation industry as a result of the work done here at Ludlow.

A walk trail will tell the story of the trials and identify specific treats still remaining along with other flora.

Included in the general admission fee

State records office

Tuart House

Tuart House will also be available for hire to community groups for smaller functions, meetings etc. The hire rates will be consistent with community hall hire in the City of Busselton and Shire of Capel.

Community groups $10 hr
Commercial and private $20 hr
Registered charities $10 hr

Tuart House (2357)
Shire of Capel - Facility hire
City of Busselton - Facility hire

Forestry cottages (1950`s & 1960`s)

Seven forestry cottages will be restored and offered for short term tourist accommodation. Each cottage will be themed to align with the initial period of construction. This may include furniture, fittings, kitchen appliances, books, wall art, newspapers, magazines, toys, board games, radio programs, music, wall calendar etc.

The cottage gardens will be recreated from photographs and memories of previous tenants. It may include vegetable gardens of which the produce can be used for the Cafe.

The period theme will be unique and attract a premium accommodation rate. Families and friends can step back in time and gain an understanding of life in an isolated timber settlement during the 1950 and 1960 period at the peak of mill production

$250 night

School teacher`s house

The former school teachers house c1920 will be restored and furnished to era of construction. It will have a `lived in` feel when visitors enter the front door and they will experience a step back in time, sensing that the teach, has just left for school.

The house will also be let for short term accommodation from time to time so that guests can fully experience the 1920`s lifestyle, similar to the John Curtin family home.

$300 night

National Trust - Curtin Family Home

John Curtin Family Home
John Curtin, wartime Prime Minister of Australia, and his wife Elsie built this house in 1923. Four generations of the Curtins’ extended family lived in the house for the following seventy-five years.

The house underwent major conservation and interpretation works in 2010 including restoration of the garden. Interpretation of the place included the production of series of internal panels, a self-guided audio tour, a booklet website and the dramatic performance season.

This National Trust project provided an exciting opportunity to focus on what is an often neglected part of John Curtin – the importance of his home life. The unassuming nature of the Jarrad Street House reflects the nature of the man and his family and helps explain his political convictions and directions for the nation during WWII.

Review – We absolutely loved our time staying in the Curtin family home. It was an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to experience Australian history in such a hands-on way and a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn more about our country’s history and the lives of PM Curtin and his family. The home is beautifully appointed and very comfortable. The location is fantastic and the large fenced grounds make for an easy stay with children. But a stay here is unlike any other because it is such a uniquely important destination. I cannot recommend it highly enough for those who want a very special Cottlesloe experience. – Emilie, December 2020

Warners cottage

Warners cottage will have very basic amenities, consistent with the history of the building erected in 1930. There will be no electric power. Heating will be provided by the Metters stove and lighting by solar LED lights in each of the rooms. The outside toilet and bathroom will have running water with hot water being provided by a gas hot water system.

Guests will experience the life of Jack Warner who worked at the mill between ........ He was born in the cottage on .............. and passed away in the same cottage on ................

$150 night

Nature Based Park

A Nature Based Park is a statutory category of accommodation park, approved by the local council. Under the Regulations, a nature-based park means a facility offering short-stay holiday accommodation in a non-urban area and which is in a natural setting.

Our park will be located in the northeast side of the settlement and accommodate tents, camper trailers/vans and caravans. A camp kitchen will be available to campers and include a barbecue, bench space and sink with hot and cold running water. Lighting will be provided by a small solar system.

The basic ammenities will be consistent with a typical Parks and Wildlife, WA campground and use the same fee structure and regulations.

from $11 night per person

Parks and Wildlife - Park Stay

Cabin accommodation

When the first forestry school was established at Ludlow in the early 1920`s, single men lived in shared accommodation buildings or a single mens cabin. 

We will provide the same simple cabin accommodation which will allow tourists to stay at Ludlow with minimal travel preparation.

$50 night


The Ludlow Cafe (House 1109) will be located in and around the first house on the northeast side of Ludlow Road, North and cater for families and others visiting the Ludlow mill and settlement. The vista from the cafe will allow parents to supervise their children at the nature playground.

The cafe business may be leased to another organisation. The lease would include all expenses associated with the construction and maintenance of the Nature Playground.

Fair Harvest, Margaret River

Nature playground

The nature playground is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors (nature play) is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. Nature play is, of itself, an intrinsic good and from it flow benefits in health, cognitive, social and emotional development and in the building of resilience and creativity. Experience in nature as a child also leads to environmental stewardship later in life. (Nature Play WA)

Our Nature Playground will be constructed within easy view from the Ludlow Cafe and barbecue areas so that parents can adequately supervise their children.

There will be no charge and the playground construction and maintenance will be funded by the Cafe business.

No cost

Nature Play WA
Nature Play Solutions (Nature Play Solutions (Kewdale, WA))
Nature Based Play (O`Connor, WA)

Digital trails/Play trails

Digital trails are augmented reality, digital treasure hunts, 360° clickable point of interest panoramas, and more, can be incorporated to tell these stories in a fun, interactive way that appeals to all ages. Digital content is tagged in the real world with GPS coordinates, and Bluetooth beacon technology can be incorporated to create check-in points to unlock additional content, digital stamps and other fun features along your trail.References - Nature Play WA inc.

Included in the admission fee

Digital trails
Play trails
Digital trails WAGLA flyer

Augmented reality planetarium experience

Using the Aryzon headset, which was developed in the Netherlands and uses mirrors to project 3D mixed reality images, visitors can observe a selection of 17th-century illustrations of the constellations overlaid over the real stars and planets, without obstructing viewers’ line of site. British company Escapist Games has developed the application, which runs on an Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. Minus the smartphone, the headset can be kept by users after the show, where they can then use the app to explore the stars from home.

Moriarty farm buildings

Included in general admission fee


Flora and Fauna walk trails

The walk trails will showcase the native plants and animals endemic to the forest prior to the Moriarty farm being established in the mid 1800`s. Interpretive sigs will tell stories of the indigenous  people who inhabited the area prior to European settlement.

No cost

Kings Park self guided walks


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