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April 2019 committee report

Ludlow mill & settlement lease
Holger Topp and Kerri Rankin continue working through our lease agreement to make sure we can fully comply. 

Seedling Sponsorship 
Janet, Lesley, Tonina and Carole attended the Bunbury Show with a small stall to promote our seedling sponsorship and membership. Although not a large number of sponsorships were attained, we were able to publicise our group and get our message out to some interested people. 
Sponsorship is gradually increasing with posts on our Facebook page encouraging people to sponsor seedlings instead of chocolate at Easter, and also again for Mother's Day. 
It is also proposed to have a seedling sponsorship stall at the Busselton markets. 

Ludlow Caretaker 
The first caretaker at the Ludlow Mill Settlement (Mark), moved onto the site with his caravan on Monday the 8th of April. He will be keeping an eye on the whole area and alerting police of any suspicious activity. 
Two more caretakers will soon be joining Mark at the site to increase security and enable 24/7 surveillance. 

The National Resource Management Grant. The first instalment from the West Australian State Government has been received. 
Ian Walpole has prepared and submitted an application to the Busselton city council for a grant to cover the cost of re roofing and channeling water into a new water tank. 

This is still a work in progress.

Ludlow Protective Fence
Prisoners from the Bunbury Regional Prison continue to work at fencing off the mill site and cottages. Fencing of this area is almost complete. 
Next next month the prisoners will be helping to fence off the site where we will be planting our seedlings in June. 

Facebook and Website 
Followers to our Facebook page and website continue to increase and membership is now well over 400.

Building and Infrastructure 
The overhead tank is now hooked up next to the administration building toilet block. Water is now connected to most of the buildings at the site and one fire hose is now working next to the administration building. 

Power to the site was connected on the 10th of April and we are now in the process of having accumulated rubbish removed from the site. 

Planting Program 
Preparation is progressing and a sub committee has been formed to organise and synchronise the process. We were overwhelmed on our Facebook page by people keen to help with the planting,  and also many schools and organisations. 

Busy bees
Once again we had a very good turn out of willing workers to help with our last busy bee, even a couple coming all the way from Perth and camping overnight at the site. Thanks to Jezza and his son for their effort, it was greatly appreciated. 

We always stop halfway through the morning for a shared morning tea, as it's nice for all our volunteers to get to know each other. 

Our next busy bee will be held next Sunday the 5th of May from 8 am. Anyone wishing to come along and help please bring whatever gardening tools you have,  (brooms, rakes, spades, wheelbarrows,  etc.)  and some morning tea to share.

We greatly appreciate all the assistance we have had over the past few months from our volunteers, W.A. Corrective Services and local tradesmen. Every little bit helps us to achieve our common goal. 


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