Grant support

  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has provided a grant under the Communities Environment Program (CEP)
  • Plantrite Australia will be providing native plants with local provenance.

Landscaping sub-committee

Plant selection
Andrew Webb

Bunbury Regional Prison, Section 95 crews

Greg Ireland (Licensed Surveyor)
Rolf Muller & Team (Veris Consulting Surveyors)

Peter Rutgers and team

Plant supply
Plantrite (Grant), Geographe Community Nursery, Leschenault Community Nursery.


The project site was once part of the old Moriarty farm which was cleared of almost all native vegetation in the mid to late 1800`s. Weeds presently dominate the understory however there are still small communities of native plant and canopy tree species.


This project will restore approximately 2 hectares of degraded land on both sides of the Ludlow River between the Tuart Drive and Ludlow Road, North bridges by infill planting of native species endemic to the area and sourced from local nurseries. 

The improved land will will help support and encourage the return and protection of birds and small marsupials such as bandicoots, ringtail and brush tail possums and enhance the natural biodiversity of this area.

Progress to date

  • The has been agreed and our surveyors have provided a map of the proposed Ludlow mill & settlement lease and currently working on the project coordinates.
  • The LTFRG Landscaping Committee are supporting initial work on the ground.
  • Peter Rutgers is preparing to level some areas of the project site to prevent pooling of water.

Selection of local provenance plants

The following native species have been recorded along the Ludlow River near our planting site. The list will be used as the basis of our planting with final selection in late September 2020.

Available plants

Selected plants (Geographe Nursery)

Trays of 40

Conostylis aculeata - 50mm
Orthrosanthus laxus - 50mm
Anigozanthos manglesii - 50mm
Lepidosperma pubisq 70mm
Patersonia occidentalis - 50mm
Neurachne alopecuroidea - 50mm
Euc marg sub. marginata - 50mm
Eucalyptus rudis - 50mm
Acacia cyclops - 50mm
Hibbertia cuneiformis - 50mm
Trymalium ledifolium - 50mm
Acacia pulchella - 50mm
Spyridium globulosum - 50mm
Hakea prostrata - 50mm
Jacksonia furcellata - 50mm
Harden comptoniana 50mm
Gastrolobium praemorsum - 50mm
Phyllanthus calycinus - 50mm
Daviesia divaricata - 50mm
Daviesia physodes - 50mm
Rhagodia baccata - 50mm
Adenanthos meisneri - 50mm
Kennedia prostrata - 50mm
Hovea trisperma - 50mm

Other projects

Plantrite project
Plantrite native nursery awarded us one of their Grown for Purpose in-kind grants for our revegetation project at the Ludlow settlement. Plantrite will supply $3,000 of native plants for winter 2020. The plants will be used by our Landscaping subcommittee to revegetate around the Ludlow River and along Ludlow North Road, adjacent to some of our settlement houses.

The plants have been ordered and will be delivered to site in May 2020.  In the meantime, the ground will be prepared for planting. 


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