December 2018 Committee Report

Ludlow Settlement Lease
The Group is still awaiting signoff on the Ludlow settlement lease agreement. The process has taken longer than expected but in the meantime we have been given permission to start cleaning up, fencing for security, and repairing toilets etc.  It transpires there are now two parcels of land, two different Acts, and possibly two lease agreements involved.

New funding
The Capel shire has granted funds of $3,300 to be used for fencing materials for the settlement and adjacent forest area north of the Ludlow River (Capel Shire side). These funds were made available following an application by the Group under the Shire’s Minor Community Grants Scheme.   

The City of Busselton has also granted funds of $7,000 to be used for the same purpose on the Busselton side of the Ludlow River and settlement under the City of Busselton’s Community Bids program. Work will begin using the money from both grants in the new year.

Busy Bees
A busy bee was held on on Saturday the 1st of December to start cleaning up  the mill area. The focus that day was on fire prevention and general cleanup around the mill buildings. The event was advertised on facebook and our website and 24 enthusiastic members turned up to help.

Going forward we will be holding a busy bee on the first Sunday of each month from 8am. Members will be welcome to turn up at any time in the morning and stay for as long as they are able. Members are encouraged to bring a picnic for lunch and for this to be enjoyed as a general social activity each month. The next busy bee is on Sunday 6th of January. 

Our membership is approaching 350. Our website and facebook page continue to receive favorable feedback and numbers of followers continue to increase. 

On the 12th of November members of our committee met at the Ludlow settlement with Adeline Siew (Director of Heritage Development), Mike Bethan (Director of Heritage Works), William Hoskin (Strategic Planner at City of Busselton) and Russell Walter (DBCA), to familiarise them with the settlement, prior to commencement of work at the site. Later a meeting was held in Capel for extended information and discussion of funding possibilities. 

Group Logo
Laurie Guthridge, one of our members, has kindly submitted 6 designs for a possible logo for our group. These along with other designs will be decided by our committee members at our next meeting.

Reforestation Project
The 30,000 tuart seedlings being nurtured at the Boyanup Botanical Nursery are doing well and growing to a size ready to be planted out in mid 2019. 

The Group is working on a funding plan for this Project which aims to see members of the public sponsor tuart seedlings for $10 each, which they can then also help plant if they wish. The aim is to inspire the public to help us restore and create a new forest.

Taxation Status
The application for entry onto the Register of Environmental Organisations has been submitted. The Register is a Commonwealth tax deductibility scheme for environmental organisations which allows eligible organisations to be endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This means that donations made to the organisation will be tax-deductible for the donor.


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