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February 2019 committee report

Ludlow mill and settlement lease
DBCA have provided a new lease document which is being considered by the committee

Indigenous participation
Des Donnelly and Evelyn Taylor met with a spokesperson from the Busselton Underlap Association on the 27th of February. This is an indigenous group sharing the culture, traditions, knowledge and history of the local Wadandi people. The indigenous people are keen that we should have volunteer indigenous rangers to oversee the Tuart Forest after our plantings, and this is under consideration.

Ludlow mill and settlement fencing
Fencing of the proposed lease area started at the end of this month with the help of the prisoners from the Bunbury Regional Prison and their supervisor. 

Group logo
The logo is still a work in progress.

Tuart Seedling Sponsorship
There has been a steady increase in tuart seedling sponsorship, but more is needed. Michael Southwell (journalist) met with our committee and has offered to help with media promotion of seedling sponsorship. Please encourage family and friends to sponsor seedlings.

We are now collecting names of volunteers who would be able to help with our planting of seedlings in June/July. Please ask family and friends if they would like to be involved.

A presentation was held at the Capel Shire Offices on the 19th of February attended by representatives from 58 schools to outline the aims of the seedling planting and the importance of student participation. There was a very positive response at this meeting and there should be good student participation on our planting days in June/July (depending on the weather).

Des Donnelly also gave a presentation at the Senior Learning Centre in Bunbury which was well received with further memberships and seedling sponsorships obtained.

Ongoing Works Program
Group members are on site every Wednesday morning for 8am, working on various infrastructure projects. All member are welcome to join us.

A toilet and shower have now been repaired and cleaned up in one of the mill buildings for use by people working at the site.

Thanks to Eden Gardiner who helped to clear a section in preparation for the fencing.

Busy Bee
A busy bee was held on Sunday 3rd of February with a good attendance. A lot of clearing up of the site was achieved and much digging to find the old water pipes and valves so that water could be reconnected to the site. 

Memberships  continues to increase slowly. This is a very important project and we must make it successful. We must show the world how this community can get things done.

If members could encourage relatives and friends to join up, this would be a huge boost to our cause, as numbers are important, even if people are not able to physically help.

Des Donnelly and Ian Walpole are continuing to work on submissions for available grants, as to continue our Ludlow work will need significant funds.

On the 21st of February 60 signs were erected at the Ludlow mill and settlement site to encourage the public to call the police if they see any suspicious behaviour. Hopefully these signs will also discourage further vandalism and theft at the site.

Onsite Caretakers
Three positions are available for volunteer onsite caretakers. These would preferably be 3 monthly positions so that we have a continual movement through the Settlement, and always someone on site 24/7.

Caretakers would need to be be self contained. Click here for further information.

Ludlow History
If any of our members, or friends of members, have any photos of the Settlement taken in past years showing the gardens, the playground, social events , football matches or Christmas parties etc. we would love it if you could share those with us. Please any information to 


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