Restoration progress

The tuart forest
We planted 16,640 tuart seedlings in the Lochart block this year.  A total of Five schools assisted with the recent planting. These included Busselton Primary School, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar, Georgiana Molloy Anglican School and Newton Moore Senior High School. In all, 217 school students, 25 Millennium Kids, members and other volunteers.

The Ludlow mill & settlement
Every Wednesday morning from 9am, a number of dedicated members (some would say with too much time on their hands!), spend the morning repairing and upgrading essential buildings and utilities at the Ludlow mill. If you have some trade skills, or handy with a hammer or a shovel, or want learn some new skills, come along and join us. Contact Bill on 0419 944 251

Our small crew is abily assisted by the Bunbury Regional Prison (BRP) crew. In fact, given that they are now working up to four days a week on site, their work is extremely important to our restoration project.

Week ending 4 August 2019

  • Committee members met at the Busselton Historical Museum to pick up some donated items including a rail handcar (see photo), a bed and wardrobe. The furniture will be installed in one of the historic cottages.
  • A group of committee members met on site to produce a work list for priority projects including the administration office, potential caretakers house and the heavy vehicle workshop.
  • BRP crew carried on with the paving and structural repairs to the caretakers shelter.
  • The Sunday busy bee attracted 25 volunteers.

Week ending 14 July 2019

  • Members of the Busselton Mens Shed manufactured and erected a new Ludlow sign.

Week ending 7 July 2019

  • Concrete pavers from the front of the administration Office were pulled up and transported across the Ludlow compound to the truck shed. These will be re-laid by the prisoners from the Bunbury Regional Prison so that the caretakers caravan can be relocated to the shed.

Week ending 30 June 2019

Week ending 23 June 2019

  • On Wednesday this week we had a visit from Rob Williams, Manager of the MM Electrical Busselton branch. Rob organised a donation of electrical switchgear enclosures from Legrand and 500 metres of electrical cable. It`s these local relationships that will ensure our success at Ludlow. This donation will be used to re-wire the old Moriarty stables, chemical store and vehicle parking shed. 

Week ending 16 June 2019

Week ending 2 June 2019

Week ending 5 May 2019

Week ending 31 March 2019

Week ending 24 March 2019

Week ending 24 February 2019

  • Investigation of electrical cable locations in preparation for the power supply at the gate.

Week ending 20 January 2019

  • First water in the mill compound.

Week ending 2 December 2018

  • Tested the Ludlow water bore

Week ending 16 December 2018


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