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January 2019 Committee report

Christmas break
After a short break over Christmas and New Year, our committee is back and progressing with the Ludlow restoration.

Our membership has grown to almost 400.

Social media
Our Website and facebook page are being regularly updated and receiving very positive responses and an increasing number of followers. We are also very positive local media coverage. 

Indigenous participation 
Des Donnelly and Evelyn Taylor will be meeting with Busselton indigenous leaders on the 27th February 2019 to discuss the ambitions of LTFRG and invite complimentary participation and involvement.

Ludlow lease agreement
The settlement lease has now been approved by the Minister. We will soon have a signed, 21 year lease covering the Ludlow mill and settlement.

Group logo
We have been working on a logo design and will be making a final decision at the next committee meeting.

Tuart Tree Seedling Sponsorship
Invitations are now open for Individuals, families or corporate sponsorships to support LTFRG in the restoration of the tuart forest and the Ludlow mill and settlement by sponsoring the planting and tending of tuart seedlings. Individual tree sponsorship is $10.00

Sponsorship application and payment can be completed online on our website

Busy Bees
Our busy bees are held on the first Sunday of each month commencing at 8am. Both members of LTFRG and the concerned public have participated to date. The work completed supports the settlement restoration for future generations to enjoy.  We post invitations to all members and interested community members on facebook prior to each busy bee. Numbers attending are excellent and the work completed invaluable. The social interaction and camaraderie is growing and valued. 

Pack a morning tea and come to our next busy bee at Ludlow. You too can be a part of the restoration and conservation of our human and natural heritage. If you are unable to attend, follow us on facebook.

We are planning to have more presentations this year to promote our project and to gain more public interest, membership and sponsorship.

Forest restoration through education and participation
Invitations have been sent to the principals of 58 schools from Bunbury to Vasse, to inform them of our forest restoration planting in June/July this year. We see this as an opportunity for youth to become involved in the future management of our precious forests and the ecosystems they support. The presentation will take place in the Capel Council Chambers on Tuesday the 19th of February at 2pm.

Department of Correctional Services
A meeting was held at Ludlow on the 16th of January with Shane Dowell, Assistant Superintendent of the Bunbury Prison, To explore the possibility of engaging them in work projects. He was very positive about small group working parties completing certain projects that can be structured in a way to assist participants with future employment prospects. A submission from LTFRG is currently under development by the department for ministerial approval.

Overnight camping site
On the 16th of January a site on the north east side of the Ludlow Bridge was inspected as a possible area for self-contained overnight camping. This initiative requires further consideration and investigation before a decision can be made.

Ongoing Work
Efforts are ongoing to establish water, power and toilets on the compound site to enable the installation of self-contained volunteer caretaker’s on the site. Considerable work has been completed by members in location and assessment of existing services.


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