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March 2019 committee report

Ludlow mill and settlement lease
A draft copy of the lease has been received from DBCA and we are working through the conditions.

Ludlow mill and settlement Fencing
Fencing of the settlement continues each week by prisoners from the Bunbury Regional Prison. This work has slowed slightly due to their availability, however we are making great progress and will soon be able to lock vehicles from the site.

Fencing of the Lockhart block, where the tuart seedlings will be planted in June/July, will commence shortly.

Group Logo 
Michael Southwell is concentrating on the graphical design of the logo and will have some options available shortly.

Works Program 
Water has now been connected to every building in the compound. One toilet and shower are now in working order and soon, the toilets near the administration building will be connected (Just a little more trenching by the Wednesday morning crew!).

Power has now been re-connected and now available at the pump house and the front gate. The font gate supply will supply the caretaker caravans.

Ian Sharpe has offered to provide timber for the administration office verandahs and stumps. Thanks to the Sharpe family for their continued support. 

Koppers Timber will donate strainers for gates and posts and Iluka has offered to donate posts and wire.

Seedling Sponsorship 
We are dedicating more effort to the sponsorship of the 30,000 Tuart seedlings currentley being nurtured at Boyanup Botanical Nursery. It has been suggested that we set up a table at Busselton, Boyanup and Makers Markets. It has also been suggested that we advertise for tree sponsorship in lieu of Easter eggs for children and provide certification.

A presentation to the Forest Industries Federation WA is to be held on 3rd of May at the Ludlow mills together with a field trip to some of the re-planted areas and the proposed Lockhart block planting area.

On March 27th a presentation to Dalyellup College was given by Evelyn Taylor and very well received.  The students from this college are on a list to help plant seedlings in June. 

Charitable Licence
A charitable licence has been received and is valid for three years. 

Busy Bee
The last busy bee was held on March 3rd with good attendance. See our Facebook posts.


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