Annual Membership Application

Becoming an Annual Member is a great way to show your support for the future of the tuart forest and the forestry settlement. 100% of all membership subscriptions are used to fund the ongoing administrations costs of around $15,000 per annum. Note that we do not pay staff and all our committee members are volunteers.

Member Benefits

  • Help support our iconic tuart forest and settlement
  • Membership certificate
  • Free access to the forestry mill and settlement
  • 20% discount on tuart seedlings when available
  • Registered volunteers are also eligible for our volunteer rewards scheme, which includes volunteer park passes, discounts on Parks and Wildlife publications and 50% discount on holiday and annual parks passes
  • Invitation to members only events
  • 10% discount on Ludlow functions, calendars, coffee cups and other merchandise
  • Great discounts at Geographe Community Nursery, Leschenault Community Nursery and Botanical Native Nursery (see below)
  • Free entry to our native nursery plant propagation sessions
  • Free cuttings from our 100 year old, Moriarty mulberry trees
  • Other discounts and promotions as published

Annual membership cost

Annual memberships are offered for individuals ($50), families ($90) and students ($30), with full voting rights.


The Geographe Community Nursery have kindly offered a $10 discount on all sales over $100.

The Leschenault Community Nursery have kindly offered a 10% discount on all sales of native plants.

The Boyanup Botanical Nursery have kindly offered a 10% discount on all sales of native plants.


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