October 2018 committee report

Members Monthly Report - September, October 2018

Our website ludlowtuartforest.org.au  is now up and running and members can now join and pay online as well as keep up to date with our activities. We now have over 300 members.

Our Facebook page now has over 600 regular followers, with recent postings of the theft and vandalism at the Ludlow settlement reaching over 7,000 people. Many people posted that they were very upset and angry about the continuing destruction at the site. 

The vandalism was also reported on the front page of the Busselton Dunsborough TImes on Friday 26 October and our vice president Des Donnelly was interviewed on local TV GWN7 regarding the matter. He also took the opportunity to raise some public awareness of what the Group was about and the need for restoration.

Children's activity day
A school holiday forest activity was held on 30 September at the Ludlow Settlement. Activities included tuart seed planting, construction of native bee hotels, a forest treasure hunt and a guided tour of a section of forest. We were supported by Forest Products Commission, Busselton Lions Club, Boyanup Botanical Nursery, and Crystal Mining (seeds and guided tour). 140 pots with tuart seeds were taken away by children along with instructions on how to care for them.    

A clean up morning was held at the Ludlow settlement the weekend before the above event to ensure the site was clean and safe in readiness for the children's activity day. About 20 people volunteered and helped with the cleanup.

Tuart seedlings
The 30,000 tuart seedlings being germinated by Boyanup Botanical Nursery as part of our reforestation project have begun to strike. The germination rate indicates the seeds are good. Discussions are ongoing with the local offices of the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) regarding details of the planting Project. 

Grant applications
The LTFR Group was successful in registering its interest with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) in undertaking a long term lease of the Ludlow Settlement. This followed three weeks of public advertising by the DBCA for “Expressions of Interest” in leasing the Settlement.  DBCA is now proceeding with drawing up the lease agreement documents for us to sign and process within the next few weeks. 

Applications have been made to both the Capel Shire and Busselton City for grants to assist us with fencing costs. This is urgently needed to help secure the settlement site and also assist with securing areas to be replanted next year.

Charitable organisation status

We have been advised by the Australian Tax Office that our organisation has been officially endorsed for charity tax concessions. This means as an organisation we are exempt from income tax, GST and FBT payments.  

Environmental registration
We are currently awaiting advice regarding our application for entry onto the Register of Environmental Organisations.  The Register is a Commonwealth tax deductibility scheme for environmental organisations which allows eligible organisations to be endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This means that donations made to the organisation will be tax-deductible for the donor.  

Annual General Meeting
Our first AGM was held on October the 8th. Elections were held for all positions which were declared vacant. The nominations were unanimously endorsed as follows;

Chairperson - E Taylor

Vice Chairperson - D Donnelly

Treasurer - L McMahon

Secretary - No nominations. Position currently vacant. 

Committee - H Topp, B Biggins, P Worrell, T Pinneri, L Culletin, C Walpole, I Walpole, N Hornibrook, K Rutgers, J Lamont.  

Committee meetings
Fortnightly meetings continue to be held every alternate Monday at 5 p.m. at the Capel Senior Citizens Centre. Any member can attend these meetings and keep up with what is happening, and anyone who wishes to become a member can attend and join on the night. Meetings are advertised on our website.


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