Dear Committee members,

The Planting Committee is in need of supervisors for the tuart seedling planting project in June. We would like to know which committee members would be available and willing to help.

The planting will run during the week from Saturday 6th of June to Sunday 14th of June for 6 planting days

Each day there will be a morning planting session (8-12 o'clock) and an afternoon planting session (12-4 pm). You will be required to arrive half an hour before the session starts.

For each session we require 6 helpers :
-  2 helpers at Ludlow settlement for the planters to sign in and sign out.
-  4 helpers at the Lochart Block to supervise the planting.

Note: John will organise the seedling deliveries and organise an assistant so not included in the 6 above.

Please complete the form below and submit. Bill will update a table on this web page as the submissions are received so that you know who is part of a session team on the day.

Thank you in anticipation.  Your help will be invaluable!!

Kind regards
Kathy and the Planting Committee

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Message Sent.


SessionLocationSat 6Sun 7Tue 9Thu 11Sat 13Sun 14
MorningLudlow MillPat, Tonina Pat, Tonina Pat,ToninaCarol, ToninaPat, ToninaPat, Carole
AfternoonLudlow MillPat, IanPat, IanXXXX
MorningLochart BlockLyn, KathyLyn, SimonJohn, CaroleBill, DesLyn, BillLyn, Kathy
Afternoon Lochart BlockBill, SimonBill, DesXXXX

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