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Presidents Annual General Meeting report - 8 October 2018

This group was convened to restore the Ludlow tuart forest and the Ludlow settlement. I would like to report the progress to date which has been nothing short of amazing.

We have consulted with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) during the past year, and now have monthly meetings at the Bunbury offices with Bob Hagen. DBCA are very supportive of our group.

We have taken every opportunity to involve and inform any and all persons and groups that have similar interests in the tuart forest and Ludlow settlement. I will list our achievements to date.

Setting up this organisation
The setting up of this organisation has required the following;

  • Banking facilities
  • Insurance
  • Rules of Association
  • Attainment of Charitable Organisation status
  • Income tax exemption
  • GCT concessions
  • FBT rebate

Informing and educating
To this end, we have held public meetings in Capel and Busselton. Presentations have been made to the City of Busselton, Shire of Capel and Busselton's Men's shed. Personal tours of the forest and the settlement have been given by Des Donnelly. These tours have been a powerful tool and they have included;

  • The Minister of Environment - Mr Steven Dawson
  • The Federal Member for Forest - Nola Marino
  • The Member for Collie-Preston - Mr Mick Murray
  • The new CEO for Capel - Mr Ian McCabe
  • All committee members and many other interested persons

I'm sure all people undertaking these tours have been inspired.

We have sent letters of our intentions to all relevant politicians seeking support, set up our facebook page and website, designed educational pamphlets, event posters, community notices and received continuing support from local papers and community radio.

Events and activities
A centennial celebration at Ludlow settlement on 13 May 2018 was an outstanding success with over 1000 people attending.

The seed planting day was held at Ludlow on 30 September 2018. This day was another great success with several hundred people attending, including lots of children. Both these events required huge support from the committee, sub committees and other supporters.

Grant applications
Many applications have been made and we have been the beneficial recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Commonwealth National Land Care Programme/Environmental small grants. Also a $2,000 grant from the Forest Products Commission. There are a number of further applications in the pipeline.

Donations and supporters

  • Busselton Lions Club
  • Gabby and John Cross
  • Cristal Mining

And donations from the public. There is a large list of supporters on our website.

Positive responses from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA)
The major response from DBCA has been the agreement to support a large planting of some 30,000 trees into the Lochhart block. The seeds for this planting are in the germination state at Boyanup Botanical Nursery.

Ludlow settlement lease
Although we were invited to make an application for the lease over the settlement 5 months ago, this has now been changed to an application of expression of interest. While this has been disappointing for us as we want to get on with the job of protecting the area from further vandalism etc, we are in the process of making this application which closes on 18 October 2018. We will keep you informed.

Membership now stands at 287 and we are actively seeking more members. Working with this committee and all the members that have come forward has reinforced my belief that the community cares about this forest and the settlement of Ludlow.

I am aware that this is an ongoing project and of great significance to the environment, the State and our community. So I thank everybody who has contributed to the success of the project to date. I am sure the ripple effect of our efforts will be substantial.

With my deepest respect and appreciation, Evelyn Taylor (President) 


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