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Tuart seed planting day - Progress report

Thanks for coming along to our seed planting day at Ludlow. The following is a short description of the tuart tree's floral cycle, how to care for your tuart seedling and a feedback form to complete in a few weeks. 

Seed planting report

Please complete the following survey about your seed germination. We will share the results here, and on our facebook page over the coming weeks.

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Eucalyptus Gomphocephala (Tuart) floral cycle

  • Tuart trees flower intermittently, usually within a 5 to 7 year cycle. 
  • The buds first appear on small branch growing tips.
  • 12 months later, the buds have developed and form into clusters.
  • During the next year, the buds have grown into a distinctive cup shape. The florals within the bud continue to form.
  • Bud burst occurs late spring to early summer and lasts for about 3 months and pollination occurs during this time.
  • The seed capsule may remain sealed until the tree senses a suitable germination opportunity or the seed pod is influenced by smoke or heat.
  • The seed pod opens and the seed is scattered by the wind.
  • Seeds falling on bare ground may germinate if all the conditions are right.
  • Mild fire in the forest provides conditions essential for natural germination and establishment of tuarts.

How to care for your seedling

  • Place the fibre pot in a sheltered place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Water once to ensure the soil medium is wet, then only when necessary but regularly to keep the soil moist (Do not allow the soil to dry out).
  • Germination should start in about 10 days. Keep the soil moist, not wet in a protected place with some filtered sunlight. The new plant will form 2 heart shaped leaves.
  • Protect your seedling from snails, grubs, caterpillars, slaters, grass hoppers and mites.
  • Do not fertilise your seedling, but allow the plant to progress at its own rate.
  • Within 10 months, the seedling will be 300-400mm high and ready to plant out.

As these plants have not been raised under sterile conditions, they must not be planted in the tuart forest. To do so may risk introducing unfriendly pathogens (Fungi). That's another topic for another day.

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