Tuart seedlings (Tray of 63 seedlings)


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It has been an exhausting year for the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group. Of the 50,000 tuart seedlings ordered in August 2019, we have 2,000 left for sale to the public.

Now be warned, these healthy seedlings can grow to 30 metres in height so they are not suitable for your suburban backyard. Not if you want good relations with your neighbours and possibly your insurance company!

They are perfect for a larger or rural property and great for shade and windbreaks.

We are selling the remaining 25 (63 seedling trays) our cost price of $63.00 to ensure they get to a good home. The seedling trays can be picked up at the Ludlow timber mill compound on Ludlow Road, North. Call Bill on 0419 944 251 to arrange a pick up time.

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