Tuart planting information for school groups

This year, we have 5 schools and around 300 students participating in our 2021 Tuart seedling planting. These plantings are a part of our ongoing project to restore the depleted Tuart forest at Ludlow.

The school planting will commence on Monday 14 June 2021. Start and finish times will be negotiated with schools individually to meet their needs.

Please see the following general information about our planting program below. If you have any questions, please send us a message or contact Bill Biggins on 0419 944 251.

Assembly point - Ludlow mill compound (Registration)

Schools are to register at the Ludlow settlement mill compound. The bus will then take them onto planting site at Lochart Block.

What to bring

  • enclosed footwear
  • long trousers
  • long sleeve shirt
  • hat
  • Please bring your own refreshments and snacks
  • Gardening gloves (personal choice)
  • waterproof jacket (as necessary)

We will supply

  • Planting tools
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Splendid portable toilets

We will be working in a State forest

We will be working in a State forest which is under the authority of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Please read the attached Code of Conduct prior to registration at the Ludlow Mill compound.


All members and volunteers are covered by our insurance policy. 

Working With Children checks

All adults involved with the school day planting will have a WWC check under child related work, Category 4 of the legislation.


1. Can we bring parent helpers?
A: Absolutely, just let us know the approximate number.

2. Will the bus take the students from the registration point to the forest planting.
A: Yes

Further information

Bill Biggins (Secretary)
Tel: 0419 944 251


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