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Planer Mill (939) and Timber Storage shed (940)

Planer Mill Building (939; c1950) and Timber Storage Shed (940; c1950)

Heritage Council assessment
While constructed as separate buildings, the Planer Mill Building (Building 239) and Timber Storage Shed (Building 940) are linked together in an ā€˜Lā€™ shaped group by an open sided link structure.

The Planer Mill Building is a timber-framed structure supported on squared bush poles clad with weatherboards and has a part corrugated iron and part asbestos skillion roof. This rectangular building is orientated east-west and is linked to the Timber Store by an open-sided, undercover area.

The Timber Storage Shed is orientated north-south. It has an enclosed timber framed building at the northern end, which is signed as the Fertilizer Store. This is clad with weatherboards and has a corrugated iron gabled roof. The main part of the Timber Storage Shed is open sided with a corrugated iron saw-tooth roof. It is framed with bush poles (some roughly squared) and has a dirt floor.

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