Ludlow, Western Australia

Our objective is to restore and protect the iconic Ludlow Tuart Forest, and the historic Ludlow settlement for the benefit of future generations, biodiversity, tourism, education and research.

Containers for Change

The Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group is now registered as a donation recipient. Our Scheme ID is 10315688 or you can search our name at your preferred donation point. Help us to continue ourRead more

2020 AGM

Last Sunday, our group held the 2020 Annual General Meeting at the Ludlow historic settlement. A new president and committee were elected including Des Donnelly (President), Peta Taylor (Treasurer),Read more

Tuart seedlings for sale

It has been an exhausting year for the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group. Of the 50,000 tuart seedlings ordered in August 2019, we have 2,000 lest for sale to the public. Now be warned, theRead more

New Group logo

At our recent committee meeting, one of our members Cherise Woodhams of De La Terre, presented her designs for our new group logo. The designs were unanimously approved. Thank you Cherise forRead more

Successful DGR!

Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group has just been approved for Tax Deductible Recipient (DGR) contributions. If you wish to make a donation to our group, kindly send us your details via the contaRead more

Forest restoration report

To all of the students, teachers, parents and volunteers who worked on the planting of tuart seedlings in Lochart Block June 2019. The “Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group” is extremelyRead more

Planting season 2020

The Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group will commence planting on Saturday, 6 June 2020 at the `Lochart Block`, off Tuart Drive, Ludlow for a period of six days only. Our objective is toRead more

Ludlow greenhouse

Read more

Ludlow Festival (Cancelled)

We have decided to cancel the Ludlow Festival. Our decision is based on the uncertainty about large gatherings of people due to coronavirus. Read more

Sabrina Hahn visits Ludlow

Last Sunday (Australia Day), we were honoured with a visit to the Ludlow Mill Settlement by Sabrina Hahn (gardening guru ), who drove all the way from Perth to meet with our president and other membeRead more

New members and sponsorships

Please welcome our two most recent members and thank them for their tuart tree sponsorship ensuring the restoration of the Ludlow tuart forest and settlement for the future benefit of generations toRead more

City of Busselton Grant

In 2019, the City of Busselton advised our grant application to provide funds to restore the roof of the former truck shed was successful. The funding, under the category `Community Enhancement` hasRead more

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