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Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group

Ludlow, Western Australia

Ngala kaadatj nidja Wadandi boodja
We acknowledge we are in Wadandi country and pay our respects to elders past and present

Our Objective ...

is to restore and protect the iconic Ludlow Tuart Forest, and the heritage listed Ludlow mill and settlement for the benefit of future generations, biodiversity, tourism, education and research.

We need your help

We need volunteers to help us with the Ludlow Art Prize exhibition and the Spring in the Forest event in October 2023

The Ludlow Art Prize will be awarded for the best Australian landscape painting and the best Sculpture. The competition is open to artists who reside in the South West of WA

We need trades and volunteer help to restore one of our Ludlow buildings to create the Ludlow Gallery. Everyone needs an art gallery! Currently, it's a pre-loved 1940`s heritage listed timber and iron shed with lots of character. We just need to keep the character and fill in the holes!

We will also need help during the lead-up to the art prize opening and exhibition Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 October 2023

Our Spring in the Forest event was a huge success last year with around 2,500 people attending. This year, the event is on Sunday 8 October 2023 (yes, same weekend as the art prize and exhibition)

We need around 80 volunteers on the day to assist with parking, exhibits, information, activities and few people, just to help keep the rest of us sane

Ludlow District Office

Display opening hours

Wednesday (9am to 12 noon)
Sunday (10am to 2pm)

Chevy Blitz

On Saturday 29 July, our Chevy Blitz truck arrived at Ludlow. The truck was donated by Bruce McLagen of Miling, WA. It had been sitting in one of his paddocks for as long as anyone can remember. SoRead more

Before we arrived

This video was produced by Marc at Western Australia Now and Then before we commenced restoration in 2017. Visit us soon and see the incredible work done by our volunteers in the last 5 years. IfRead more

City of Busselton talk - 29 May 2023

Read more

Ludlow Art Prize

We encourage South West of Western Australian artists to enter this inaugural competition. The Ludlow Art Prize will bring people together to shine a light on the listed, critically endangeredRead more

Community award

The Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group has been awarded the ´Shire of Capel Community Group of the Year Winner`. As part of the recognition, the Shire of Capel has kindly donated $1,000 along witRead more

South West Personnel

Esi Garcia, Managing Director and South West Personnel team along with Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group members. South West Personnel provided a very significant donation to our group toRead more

Arum lily eradication

Over the past 4 years, together with Parks and Wildlife and our Ludlow volunteers, we have made a significant impact and near eradication of Arum lilies in the Lockhart and Central planting blocks.Read more

Ludlow understory rehabilitation

Mid 2020, we commenced our understory rehabilitation of the Ludlow settlement 50 hectare lease. With the support of Parks and Wildlife and a grant from Plantrite native nursery and a Federal GovernmeRead more

The Bushfire Front

Members of the Bushfire Front visited Ludlow recently to gain an insight into the work of the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group. Read more

Western Australian Naturalists` Club

Focus on friends - The Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group, by President Des Donnelly Read more

Ludlow greenhouse

The Ludlow greenhouse project in all its splendour! Even our brickie works on Sundays and has done a superb job. We can't show you his face though. He is retired and doesn't want any more jobs!Read more

Ludlow Settlement lease

We are pleased to announce that the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group (LTFRG) has been granted a lease by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) over the heritage listRead more

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