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Ludlow Art Prize - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is the Ludlow Art Prize?

The Ludlow Art Prize began in 2023 as part of an event called Spring in the Forest, organised by the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group (LTFRG). The Art Prize component was the brainchild of Evelyn Taylor, a co-founder of the charity and local Peppermint Grove resident, who could see the synergy between art and the environmental cause.  The Ludlow Art Prize was very well received, so the decision was taken to pool our resources and focus on the Art Prize in 2024 opening up entries to the whole of Western Australia, to create a greater impact for both the art community and the environmental cause.

 What is the intended purpose of the art show?

The Ludlow Art Prize is designed to serve more than one purpose – the most obvious is to give artists across WA an opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork, win prizes and gain recognition. But the real driving force behind why the Ludlow Art Prize exists is the environmental cause. There is great synergy between the theme celebrating Australian Landscapes and the passion of the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group to shine a light on and preserve the listed and critically endangered Tuart Forest. The Art Prize is a way to attract people to the site and raise awareness of this environmental cause – benefiting both the art community and the environment. The Ludlow Tuart Forest is, after all, the last remaining Tuart Forest in the world – a very unique ecosystem that is under threat and we need greater awareness around that.

What is the criteria for landscape painting?

Landscape paintings can be real or imagined, but must have a focus on natural Australian scenery.

What is the criteria for the sculpture?

The Ludlow Art Prize Sculpture in the Park is open to any theme and ephemeral sculptures are accepted. The Sculpture Park is an outdoor area under tuart and pine trees.

What mediums are allowed? 

The mediums allowed are 2D mixed media and 3D sculpture, although we have chosen to exclude photography.


Ludlow Art Prize

Ludlow Settlement
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