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In the very short history of the Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group we have had considerable support from the Federal and State Government, Local Government, corporations, local businesses and individuals. We appreciate this ongoing support.

Federal Government
Communities Environment Program grant from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to restore approximately hectares of degraded land on both sides of the Ludlow River between the Tuart Drive and Ludlow Road, North bridges by infill planting of native species endemic to the area and sourced from local nurseries (2019). 

State Government
Natural Resource Program Management (South West Development Commission Region)
Grant to restore 185 hectares of tuart forest previously cleared for agriculture, planted to softwood, clear felled 20 years ago, and now generally degraded. The ultimate outcomes of this project are to recreate a tuart forest system, recognising the immense values provided by functional tuart forest ecosystems - Carbon capture, production, protection, tourism, recreation, education, heritage, clean air and water management. This project is intended to be a demonstration of forest regeneration and restoration at its best (2018).

Local Government
City of Busselton grant to restore the roof of the former truck shed. The funding, under the category `Community Enhancement` has enabled us to re-roof the building and install a 130,000 litre rain water tank to provide portable water for the Ludlow mill compound (2019).

Shire of Capel grant (2018), (2021)

Forest Products Commission grant (2018)
Wespine, Donation of timber (2019)
Doral, District office facility funding (2021)
RIO Tinto, District office refurbishment funding (2021)

Capel & Busselton public meetings
Capel Country Club, Busselton Seniors Club

Regular committee meetings
Dianne Cronin, Capel Senior Citizens

Ludlow Centenary Celebration supporters
Ray Holt, John Moaghan, Andrew Mykytiuk, Lesley Culleton family, Boreham Valley Nursery, Tintuppa Nursery, Boyanup Botanical Nursery, Capel Garden Club, Mary (Myfanwy) Evans, Lesley Bell, Lesley Jacks, Cheryl Campbell, Busselton Dunsbrough Environmental Group, Debbie Teale, Pat Sharpe, Capel Yoyful Patchwork Quilts, Daphane Gillard, Reena Lee Harwood, Teapot Farm - Sarah Evans, Cath Millar, Brian Golding, Busselton Wood Turners, Busselton Blacksmiths, Veteran Car Club (Busselton), Indian Harley Club (Bunbury), Capel, Peppermint Grove Beach & Busselton Art Groups, Busselton Lions Club, Thoroughfare17, Well Dressed Potato, Combi Coffee.

Sponsors & Contributors
Capel Fresh IGA, Officeworks, Bendigo Bank, Capel RSL, John & Gabby Cross, Brian Fisher, Busselton Lions Club, Patricia Negus, Dr P Wallace, Ian Sharpe, Sandy Mills (Donation of painting for raffle), John Cross (Removal of asbestos at Ludlow Mill site), Alison Cassernet & Cheryl Campbell (Busselton Dunsbrough Environmental Group for research & information), Capel Library (Research & information), Busselton Library (Research & information), Bunbury Community Radio 103.7 - Geoff McNish (Information program and advertising), Boyanup Botanical (Donation of native plants), Forest Adventures - Brian Brown (Ludlow site support), Libby Metam (Local Member), Mick Murray (Grant support), Nola Marion (Grant), Steve Dawson, Peter Kitchen, Busselton Lions Club (Donation), Lorry Gutheridge & Family (Mill site cleanup), Peter Rutgers & family (Bobcat for mill site cleanup), Cristal Mining - Peter Overton (Tuart seed donation), Peppermint Grove Beach Bulletin (Advertising), Capel Courier (Advertising), Dalyelup/Gelorup Gazzette (Advertising), Paul (Bamboo for bee hotels), Ian Bessell-Browne (WSG Sign Services), Ian & Carol Walpole (Plumbing donation)), Mark Kemp (Donation), Peppy Plumbing (Plumbing discount).


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