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Strategic plan

Strategic Plan 2020

Our objective

To provide community support for the essential restoration, protection and ongoing maintenance of the iconic Ludlow tuart forest and the historic Ludlow forest settlement for the benefit of future generations, biodiversity, tourism, education and research.

Our Values

  1. Encourage community involvement and ownership in all restoration projects.
  2. Respect past indigenous care for country and encourage future participation. 
  3. Develop assets to provide for tourism, recreation, education, and employment.

Our Goals    

The tall tuart forest

  • Restore within 45 years, the tall tuart forest canopy to provide for eco system dependent biodiversity to be returned. Conservation.
  • Manage current threats, Human, animal, plant, insect and pathogen. Forest protection.
  • Provide facilities to support, protect, breed and reintroduce dependent biodiversity, jobs and growth.
  • Develop multifaceted tourism with links to estuary and RAMSAR listed wetlands bird sanctuary.

The Ludlow Forestry Settlement

  • Secure lease, restore power, water, security, communications and access. 
  • Provide a welcoming, safe, tuart forest-based education resource centre. 
  • Restore all buildings and infrastructure to reflect heritage and history.
  • Repurpose internal spaces to allow commercial opportunity and employment.
  • Provide for informative, physical, recreational tourism entry into the tuart forest.
  • Renovate cottages to provide managed onsite amenity, camping and security.
  • Establish opportunities to support commercial activity and employment.
  • Provide resources, space and opportunity for aboriginal heritage, public education in traditions, arts, crafts, displays, commercial sales and employment. 

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