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Strategic plan

Strategic Plan 2024

Our objective
“To provide community support for the essential restoration, protection and ongoing maintenance of the iconic Ludlow Tuart Forest and the historic Ludlow settlement for the benefit of future generations, biodiversity, tourism, education and research.”

Our Values

We encourage community involvement and ownership in all restoration projects.

We respect past indigenous care for country and encourage future participation. 

We collaborate to develop assets to provide for tourism, recreation, education, and employment.

Our Ambitions
Tuart Forest on the LTFRG lease

  • Rebuild the Tuart Forest within the confines of our lease, restore plant and animal biodiversity and offer the public insight into what a thriving Tuart Forest looks and feels like. 

  • Provide facilities to protect and support native biodiversity, and create opportunities for education and employment.

The Ludlow Forestry Settlement

  • Develop the Ludlow settlement and Tuart Forest as a tourist destination.

  • Provide a welcoming, safe, tuart forest-based education experience.  

  • Restore all infrastructure and adjacent land to reflect heritage and history.

  • Provide for informative and recreational tourism entry into the tuart forest.


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