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Ah… life in the old days!  You remember those don’t you?  

We all have wonderful days and times to reflect on.  Mine was playing in the bush, under the great Australian trees.  Or camping, with nothing but the beauty of the great Australian bush around us.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before….  “Nature is nurture”.  There is something about the quiet stillness of a majestic forest.  Your senses are assaulted as you breathe in the healing air and enjoy the incredible earthy scents. 

Renewed by it, we all need our beautiful forests to restore us.

And this is why I’m writing to you

Our vision is to restore, renew and regenerate one of the oldest and most unique forests in the world.  Located here in the South West of Western Australia, we are privileged to enjoy the only Tuart forest in the world.  But, unfortunately this beautiful forest is under threat.

We need your help to restore it

It’s not too late.  With your help we can regenerate and restore this amazing forest together.  Don’t worry, we are very willing to do the work (although more volunteers are very welcome) but, we do need financial support or soon, this forest and the majestic Tuarts will degenerate.  Your donation will help us plant more trees and tend to them in their formative years.  Together we can restore our unique Tuart forest for future generations to enjoy and to protect the dependant biodiversity it supports.

It’s easy…

Simply become a member. Your membership will give you the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to the great Tuart forest in the South West.

If you are a business and really want to make a difference, your donations can contribute to the planting of the trees and the restoration of the Ludlow Village. 

Our dream

In addition to regenerating and regrowing the Tuart forest, our dream is to restore the little village in the forest of Ludlow.   Here, where the forest meets the sea, we would welcome families and friends to enjoy the tall Tuart forest of the South West of Western Australia. Join us in making a difference.


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