Terms & Conditions

Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group Membership
As a member, you can participate in all the activities run by our group, attend fortnightly committee meetings as an observer and participate at our Annual General Meetings with rights and obligations in accordance with our Rules of Association.

Tuart Seedling Sponsorship
The sponsorship of seedlings provides financial support for planting and management within the Ludlow Lockhart Block and the restoration of the Ludlow mill and settlement. Sponsors are welcome participate in the planting of seedlings planned for mid 2019 and afterwards, we encourage you to visit the Lockhart Block to check on the plantation progress.

Directions to the Lockhart Block will be posted on our website and a visitors book will be available to record your visit.

Publication of Sponsors names and suburb
Our website has a register of sponsors however, you can also remain anonymous. Names can be removed from the list at anytime by sending us a message from our website contact page https://www.ludlowtuartforest.org.au/page/contact-...


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