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Sponsor a seedling

Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group now have this special opportunity for the public to sponsor tuart seedlings. In 2018, Cristal Mining donated 30,000 tuart seeds to our Group and a subsequent contract was awarded to Boyanup Botanical nursery to germinate the seeds and have them ready for planting in the Ludlow, Lockhart Block mid 2019.

Sponsorships can be for one, or multiple seedlings at $10 each. If you would rather sponsor by the hectare, we can accommodate that too! Sponsors can have their names (Individual, family or company), published on our website. Just advise the required name(s) in the text box on the order form. If you want to be anonymous, that's okay too. Just leave the text box blank.

For example, names can be published as follows 'Premier Mark McGowan' or 'The McGowan family, Rockingham', It's up to you as we want to recognise your gift to future generations.

Along with other Grant funding, sponsorship funds will be used to plant, protect and monitor the restored forest at Lockhart Block and to restore the Ludlow mill and settlement.


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