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The Jack Watson Tree

The Jack Watson tree

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It is most likely that the students of the first forestry school pegged this tree in their spare time. 

Ludlow is surrounded by tall forest and visibility is limited, by pegging this tree it became safe to climb and gave the locals the opportunity to scale the tree to see where smoke was coming from. 

The fire lookout tree was spared from the axe or mattock during clearing for agriculture due to its size and condition. It is estimated this tree has survived some 500 years to reach its present size.

Des Donnelly removed the lower pegs in 1974 to stop the settlement kids from climbing it. The pegs are steel bar. The platform structure has since collapsed as it never had a roof and only a rudimentary floor and hand rails, however a couple of timber supports are still in place. The tree was used intermittently to get a fix on fires in or around the Tuart forest prior to Sea View tower being built.
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